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Projects Around the UK

Project Name: Preparatory visit to meet partners in Belgium (October 2007)

Anne Sweeney from Gingerbread Northern Ireland visited potential project partners in Belgium to discuss collaborating on a Grundtvig Learning Partnership.

Boy holding rubber ringsGingerbread Northern Ireland is an organisation who provides support to one parent families. The aim of Anne's visit was to develop project ideas around:

  • lifelong learning and social inclusion;
  • equality of opportunity for women in the labour market; and
  • training needs of women for overcoming discrimination.

"Preparation for the meeting began approximately 4 months prior to the visit" says Anne. "During the meeting, there was much discussion about the purpose of the network and possible future projects. The large group broke into smaller groups to facilitate communication. Partners socialised together in the evening which gave time for informal interaction and team building."

"The negotiations around the establishment of the Grundtvig partnership were detailed. There was a very constructive atmosphere and consensus was achieved."

Anne and her partners subsequently submitted an application in 2008 for Grundtvig Partnerships funding.

Anne's experience was funded by a Grundtvig Preparatory Visit. Find out where Grundtvig Preparatory Visits funding could take you >> 




Project Type: Preparatory Visits

Project Contact Details:
Anne Sweeney
169 University Street

Gingerbread Northern Ireland


Grundtvig UK National Agency, Ecorys UK Ltd,
Vincent House, Quay Place, 92-93 Edward Street, Birmingham B1 2RA

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